A 7 year old daughter of an Army Officer was asked by her teacher at school to create a family tree which she did beautifully. When she showed her father what she’d drawn that day he noticed that he wasn’t on the family tree, which was quite full and comprehensive, so he asked her why?

His daughter said that in class the teacher had explained what a father’s role is and she said to her father, “you’re not around enough to do what a father should do”… You can imagine how painful that was to the father who resigned his commission the next week.

“…yeah so, I think that was the thing that broke him really. I think he started drinking out of the Army and just carried on and carried on until a few months ago. He went in to rehab in December 2017 and came out in April 2018…and he would like throw things, hit my mum and call her every name under the sun that I could think of. And just completely be a different person. I wouldn’t know who is and I would be so scared. I would have the telephone in my bed with me, just in case I had to call the police because I was that scared…”

“……I think that’s when, I didn’t obviously realise it – that it started affecting me. Now that I think about it that’s what started me having anxiety, I have really bad anxiety and I overdosed in November last year.”

“..and times have never changed. I was appalled to hear just last week that kids are still being called Hitler at school when they are posted back from Germany, born there or parent is German. My sister now 45 used to get the nazi salute”

More examples to follow