Baz Gray, Mark White and Alan took on the 100k Race to the Stones last Saturday 14th July with several 1,000’s of other Ultra Marathoners.

Baz Gray was in the 0800 start and sped off on his mission training for his incredible attempt at The first ever solo unsupported and unassisted, coast to coast crossing of Antarctica

Mark and Alan started at 0845 on what was to be their last long distance run carrying the #1 Baton and as usual along the way both chatted to many people about the Baton’s cause and the need to care for those who preserve our freedoms, their families and partners. Some of the talks about the batons cause became emotional, all who listened really understood the whole simple philosophy of awareness.

Alan’s daughter Paula Jane Rowe gave the three Baton runners (and everyone else she saw) incredible support and encouragement, Paula’s input was as usual selfless and immeasurable, doing everything she could to make life as easy as possible for the runners, Baz, Mark and Alan are truly grateful for her amazing input.

At the finish line Alan and Mark were surprised at seeing Alan’s eldest daughter Catherine Boulter and family the Grandchildren joining them for the run across the line and humbled by the commentary about their run with the Baton.

So long distance trainers are now well and truly hung up by both Mark and Alan but the miles covered whilst spreading the Baton’s ‘Message of Conscience’ a tremendous achievement and something to really remember – we must never forget that the freedoms we enjoy have never been free and will always need defending…