Yesterday the Baton team of Megan Barrett and Alan Rowe were joined by SSAFA Devon‘s Martyn Evans to walk with Kirsty-ann Johnstone 22 miles from Buckfastleigh to the Citadel Plymouth where her friends from the Plymouth Military Wives Choir sung her in with the very apt “Stronger Together”

Kirsty-ann wanted to raise funds for the Baton and SSAFA Devon and decided on this walk, this distance would be enough for most fit people but a real challenge for Kirsty-ann who lives with Fibromyalgia which is defined as the following…

“A medical condition characterised by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure.Other symptoms include tiredness to a degree that normal activities are affected, sleep problems, and troubles with memory”……so as you can see no easy task to walk 22 miles!

Alan said “ Kirsty’s effort was nothing but heroic, especially over the last 8 miles where I could see that every step was painful, but she dug in and persevered carrying the Baton as she had done all the way.
The approach to the RM Memorial at the Citadel was truly memorable and very emotional with the ladies from the PMWC singing Kirsty in. This challenge was a real team effort, Megan did a stunning job of driving the support car meeting us every few miles along the way, Martin and excellent job of navigating.

Both the Baton and SSAFA Devon SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity are very grateful to Kirsty for raising much needed funds that will help so many people.