The case of a young family (mum and three children) who were left without a father was introduced to us by SSAFA they had to leave forces accommodation as quickly as they could, eventually the local council came up with a semi detached house, the state of which left much to be desired.

The initial request from SSAFA was something towards new flooring, going in with the family on getting the keys all were dismayed at the condition, there and then Alan, with Baton supporter Dave Warren, immediately stripped the flooring as asked, we then contributed to new flooring throughout.

On inspection the kitchen was totally inadequate for a young family so we undertook putting in a new one, this was accomplished with extraordinary generosity from HOWDENS and DEVON TILES, Dave Warren Electrician and Chris Potter CP Conversions…..the finished job looked beautiful and gave the family a real lift.

After all they had been through we endeavoured to give the family something special to look forward too. With our friends ‘The Allied Forces Foundation’ in America, an all expenses trip to Disney World in Orlando was arranged for the family, including mother in law who had lost her son. Travel, food, spending money, passports etc were all covered between the two charities, proving the value of the links with our allies.

Our sincere thanks to Sparky’s Taxi’s Honiton for their support and kindness to the family whilst transporting them to Heathrow and to Richard Harris and team at To an Fro Honitonfor such a generous rate of vehicle hire for the return trip and to Baton supporter Judy Gaden for accompanying the family – an altogether great Baton Family result!