On Monday 4th Sept I joined legendary Baton trustee Baz Gray in Minehead, Somerset for the start of Barry’s South West Coastal path run, aptly carrying the first Baton made and the one taken by Walking With The Wounded to the North Pole this was to be Barry’s preparation for his incredible attempt to cross Antartica Solo and unsupported in 2018 – more can be see on his website http://challengeantarctica.com

Barry aimed for an awesome target of 60 miles a day to put himself to the test, as he will need to train hard to accomplish his Antarctic ambition. Anyone who knows the South West Coastal path will know just how tough an aim that was, regularly gaining and dropping considerable height is physically and mentally challenging, but Barry took it on as he does in his own inimitable way.

Supported brilliantly all the way by his good friend Jim Brackley, Barry made it to Lands End pushing himself and covering amazing distances.

Please have a look at Barry’s Crowdfunding site www.crowdfunder.co.uk/challenge-antarctica/ and if you can find a way to support him please do, if successful this will be a first for our country and something to be very proud of, on the site you will see that Barry has also engaged with schools as part of an education project…Alan