What is the Baton?

The Baton, quite simply, is the handle of a military stretcher


Why a stretcher?  Neutral and non-political, it has to cope with the reality of war and helps those who need it regardless.

And this is not just any stretcher; this one has been there for friend, enemy and civilian.

Many were carried on this particular stretcher used by a Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) in Afghanistan, some carried to safety and care on it, tragically some dying on it.  The hands that have grasped this stretcher’s handles, at times under fire, might well have been bloody themselves.

A Baton can be passed from caring hand to caring hand, carrying with it the tangible feelings of many.

If it could talk what could that handle tell us?

Its new role is to go out into the world as far and wide as possible to help Keep the Message Alive!

Many who have taken the baton in their hand have felt a powerful effect at the thought of holding something that has been so directly involved on the battlefield.