The Tandem

To aspire with the spirit of adventure by Tandem……

The ‘Baton Tandem’ is a precision piece of fully adjustable equipment costing £6,000 that will enable former service personnel who have lost the full use of their legs to challenge themselves with a sense of freedom and adventure. Sitting in the front seat a person can ‘hand crank’ with legs supported, the person in the rear cycles normally, steers and changes gear etc….and the adventure starts! as seen here with Baton Trustees Baz Gray and Lee Spencer

The Tandem will soon be available on loan at no cost to qualifying people encouraging them to be active, even if they are raising funds for another charity – though a donation towards running costs/maintenance would obviously be appreciated

  • Alan approached Tom Pale of Freetrike Silverton to order the Tandem, it was delivered to Tom where Alan with Phil and Tania FordaFORDable Services who collected it and took  it to where it will be securely based.
  • Andy Summers owner of Land Rover Experience West Country has been an immense help with the Baton since it started and in true Baton Family spirit offered to store the Tandem
  • The final preparations were made by AG Signs & Print Ltd Honiton who fixed the Baton logos and so that the Tandem was good to go.

What a great Baton Family effort!

Our grateful thanks to Nigel Chas Fowler and Dave Vaughan for taking the photos

A diary of the Tandem’s adventures will be kept on this page

The Baton sponsors