The Allied Forces Foundation – US Baton Custodians…

AFF and Baton USA Logos

Our AFF friends work exceptionally hard to support US and UK forces and families, we both share the same desire to be loyal to those ambitions.

This very special relationship has already proven to be a caring and compassionate partnership, the Baton and its message of conscience in the US could not be in better hands.

The US Baton’s journey can be followed on this and the Baton’s Facebook page.


40 Commando in the Green Zone


This photo was taken in Afghanistan at the time of casualties being brought back in from action,  left of photo at the front a Royal Marine,  on the right front an American Corpsman, both good friends and an example of our nations working together for the common good  as we have for 100 years – the stretcher the same model that the Baton’s were made from.

The Medical Emergency Response Team stretcher used at the medical facility Camp Bastion, would have carried many allied forces, most certainly American and although it can be viewed as a sombre item I always offer the view that it is often a case of celebration, triumph over adversity, the people that were carried on it had received a life altering blow, for their families as well as themselves….. but so many go forward from that point to achieve and inspire others in many different ways….Alan

England Rocks – Hands Across The Water

July 10th to 17th 2011

The Baton will be travelling from Canada to the USA, carried by Ram Patten on the England Rocks – Hands Across The Water event for ChildLine and the ForceSelect Foundation.

Entitled England Rocks- Hands Across the Water, this summer’s ChildLine Rocks event hopes to raise a minimum of £50,000 for ChildLine by hosting a six day charity motorbike ride beginning in Cranbrook, BC in Canada and finishing in Ketchum, Idaho in the USA.

Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to ride iconic Harley Davidson motorbikes across some of the most breathtaking scenery, in the company of some extraordinary people:

  • Andy Mcnab DCM MM (a Childline Rocks ambassador, Patron of The ForceSelect Foundation & Help the Heroes, former SAS servicemen and best selling author).
  • Royal Marine Ram Patten, the founder of March for Honour.
  • Members of legendary UK rock bands Thunder & The Union for company.

Joined by colleagues, they will also be riding to raise money for the ForceSelect Foundation.

The whole event will culminate in a memorable rock concert on July 16th 2011 at the Sun Valley Pavilion, Ketchum, Idaho.  A major name headliner is to be announced but the concert will feature British acts, including The Union, winners of Classic Rock Awards’ Best New Breakthrough Band 2010 – a wonderful way to mark the end of a truly unique and worthwhile road trip.

Members of the British forces will also benefit from the final concert event as ChildLine Rocks believe that it is only fitting that it should also salute the service men and women of its host countries.  So all net proceeds from the concert on 16th July will be split equally between US, Canadian armed forces and the Force Select Foundation.

About ChildLine Rocks

Since its foundation in 2008 ChildLine Rocks has helped raise substantial funds for the ChildLine charity by staging annual rock concerts and related events.

The first ChildLine Rocks event, held at London’s indigO2 on 13th March 2008, featured such artists as Roger Daltrey, Lulu, Marillion, and the charity’s house band, Thunder (members of which went on to form the award winning The Union).  The concert was an overwhelming success and raised over £100,000 –enough to pay for 40 new volunteer ChildLine counsellors.

At last year’s show The Enemy, Reverend and The Makers and Carl Barat (Libertines) all performed to a sold out venue.

Building on the success of this and other events, ChildLine Rocks plans to take things one exciting step further in 2011 by taking its fundraising efforts across the Atlantic.

Baton Handover

Ram Patten founder of the March For Honour with the Baton at Heathrow Terminal 5.  He was on his way to take part in the ChildLine Rocks-Hands Across the Water event which will see a team of 50 bike across some of the most amazing scenery in North America.  Ram is carrying the Baton with him having carried it last year on his March For Honour including taking it into the Royal Albert Hall with the Book of Remembrance.