The Baton and Kilimanjaro 2013

18 September 2013

The Baton went up Mt Kilimanjaro with 5 special guys this year, read all about it here….

Update 30th September 2013

A few brave-lads; the Roof of Africa!….A report from Paul Mattin.

During the very early hours of Sunday 22 September – a somewhat weary posse of the Corps’ ‘brave-lads’ picked their way along the lofty summit ridge of Kilimanjaro; Africa’s highest mountain.

The Team. Three Royal Marines from Chivenor; Jim (the Bohemian) Stott, Dale (Biceps) Butler and Andrew (Gibbo; many-dits) Gibson. They joined former Bootneck and man-mountain; Jamie Sanderson and a token ‘egg-chaser’ – Exeter Chiefs Hooker; Simon Alcott. Under the guidance of the vintage and tragically unfashionable moustache-wearing ML (Paul Mattin) – the posse quickly tuned for success.

The Expedition was assisted on it’s course by The C-Group, our Royal Marines Charities and a number of good Friends of the Corps. The expedition’s Mission was simple; ‘To get a few lads away from the work-place for a proper break and an opportunity to recharge batteries’. As regards a ‘unifying purpose’ – we soon established that dit-spinning and ruthless micky-taking gave common ground to our Main Effort…. to enjoy Africa, kick-back and let-go of a few of life’s tensions…. Easy!

After a short Safari phase; visits to local (muddy) watering-holes – and a brief taste of relative luxury…. the Team set-off on the Lemosho Trail; Kilimanjaro’s longest and most beautiful route. 8 days, relentless banter, small-tents and some exquisite tucker – saw the posse traversing the Shira Plateau, scaling the Baranco Wall and wheezing up Kili’s flank in some style.

All succeeded. No mean-feat, as this high-altitude-giant has a regular habit of sending it’s suitors packing…. but even more importantly – all on the venture enjoyed the opportunity to share dits, talk about their circumstances and trials – and carve out plans for the future. It was a quite fantastic trip.

Huge thanks go to Alan Rowe and his team at the Baton, and Sharky Ward and the crew at the C-Group for their assistance in getting this trip away.

Please – If you’d like to escape on an adventure yourself – particularly in the company of a recovering-Bootneck or two, please get in touch here.


Previous Messages

The Baton is on Kilimanjaro with 5 special guys at this moment!

Paul Mattin collected the Baton from Alan on the 12th September and we have already had a text to let us know “Day 3, team is doing brilliantly. Cathedral Pinnacle of Shira Ridge. High Camp tonight, Lava Tower tomorrow.”

When you look at the photos from other expeditions its not hard to see how one’s mind can be freed by such peace and beauty.  The photos can be seen here on Facebook.

Wilderness Solutions was established in 2008 by Devon-based Paul Mattin, a former Royal Marines Mountain Leader Officer. Paul will be leading these guys who have served their country well and who now need our support.

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