The Baton on the Shackleton Epic


The Baton takes part in one of the greatest survival events in history 


The Shackleton Epic……a Baton complete with GPS Tracker fitted by the Bath University Electrical Engineering Dept will be strapped to the mast for the 800 miles in a 22’ rowing boat across the Southern Ocean and then carried over South Georgia’s most inhospitable terrain.The team left the UK yesterday and is now on its ways to Chile.

This expedition is an example of amazing of fortitude in the face of adversity, the Baton’s purpose is to highlight similar fortitude by our forces and their families through the most testing times, some of those lasting for lifetimes!

The photo taken at the at the Dartmoor Lodge, Ashburton (with Bianca left and Helen right both very supportive on the day) is of Alan handing the Baton to great friend Barry Gray WO2 RM who is the Royal Marines Chief Mountain Instructor, Barry is also a Baton Trustee and one of the six man team that will be taking on this amazing re-enactment rightfully described as probably the MOST DANGEROUS CHALLENGE ON THE PLANET that many have unsuccessfully attempted.

This amazing Expedition that will be documented and filmed by RAW TV and shown on DISCOVERY CHANNEL later in 2013 or early 2014…… please look at the Epic web site where you can follow the teams progress and learn about one of our greatest heroes.

You can follow the Expedition on Twitter, Facebook and the Blog on the website.


EPIC Updates

8th January 2013 – This post by the Shackleton Epic team is an example of the arduous effects of the journey just to start the whole expedition, the conditions in the Southern Oceans and how vital it is to get things right.  Our thoughts are with the whole team including Baton Trustee WO2 Barry Gray RM who has a Baton with him for the whole Epic.

9th January 2013 – Expedition crew have arrived at Arctowski base, King George Island, and have been “reunited” with Alexandra Shackleton, the 22.5′ replica James Caird boat. Crew unloading gear from Australis and preparing for ten days of sea trials.

11th January 2013 – The Baton on King George Island, with the photo below of Shackleton Epic team member, Royal Marine WO2 ML and Baton Trustee Barry Gray with the Baton at the Polish Station on King George Island.  For more photos of this stage please visit our Facebook page here.