The Lisbon Half Marathon 2013

23rd March 2013

Supported by the local press, Baton Trustee Tim Lowe and Alan ran the Lisbon Half Marathonwith a Baton last Sunday 24th March, not just to spread the Baton’s message but to pay tribute to the very special alliance between Portugal and Great Britain formed back in 1386.

The Baton’s message had been translated into Portuguese specially to hand out as the two ran the course, several photos can be seen of local people who really understood its purpose holding the Baton, one photo is with the team from the Military Academy Portugal amazing young people eager to hear about the Baton.

Running over the awesome 25 de Abril Bridge was an incredible start to an unforgettable well organised run, overall the run was good for the Baton and for the special bond between our two countries.