The Royal Marines 1,000km Ski Challenge

March 21st – 9th April

Event Report

“The Royal Marine’s Challenge was more than just skiing, there are many facets to this trip that can only be understood by reading their website and especially their BLOG, please take the time to do it…… for the Baton to be carried amongst such deep feelings was indeed an honour.”


The Challenge

5 veterans from the Falklands era will team up with 5 young bloods from the Afghan era.  They will ski 1,000km through Norway in just 20 days in spring 2010.  The final 250km will follow the Heroes of Telemark route through the Hardangervidda.  The team will be carrying the Baton with them on this epic challenge full of history… please go to their web site RM 1,000km Ski to find more about their aims and how you can support them.