The Baton in Kenya

28th January 2013

Cpt Nicole Evans took The Baton to Mount Kenya with her on this awesome journey.

Nicole’s account……”Having had to start walking a fair few kms earlier than planned the team found itself camping just off the track which showed lots of sign of being used very frequently by Elephant and Buffalo. Our take on it was that with our earplugs in we wouldn’t hear them and all would be fine. Despite seeing fresh droppings not far beyond the camp in the morning we didn’t get to see any of these great beasts at this point – sadly – or perhaps not?!

Between the 28th Jan and 6th Feb The BATON made its way up Mt Kenya as part of a team tackling both the second and the third highest peaks on the Mountain. Having had to abandon the vehicles due to impassable tracks the trek increased in length from the outset but everyones determination could not be dimmed. The climb turned out to be a challenging but highly enjoyable and at times exciting expedition.

Stanley has been guiding people around and up Mt Kenya for 32 years. He was fascinated by The BATON and its history. The photo is him having asked to hold it for a photo at Pt Lenana which is the third highest peak on Mt Kenya. The top 2 peaks require a good level of climbing experience due to the altitude, this peak is reached by climbing using steel cables and inching across the odd bit of ice glacier. At this point the most challenging element was trying to remain upright in the strong winds.”