The Baton pays its respects to Danish fallen and their families…

Kastellet, located in Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the best preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe. Within its walls is the monument to Denmark’s International effort since 1948, a place that Alan felt that he had to visit with Kim Thygesen and the Baton to pay his and the Baton’s respect to the Danish fallen – as the UK’s NMA, a place of quiet reflection.

Kim pointed out some of the names of comrades that he had buried, always a very sobering thought that binds many servicemen who have done the same in the name of freedom, their families sharing the same emotions – in this case from a country with a population of 5.5 million – probably less than half of London’s.

Kim Thygesen worked hard for his Danish comrades back in 2005 to 2009 fighting for the Danish flag day, which is now The 5th of september every year, his campaign can be seen at…

Kim has been deployed to Kosovo and twice to Afghanistan where he and his regiment were involved in a titanic struggle with the Taliban at Musa Quala, more on this epic action can be seen at…

Also at Kastellet is the Danish Blue Beret memorial to all Danish forces who have lost their lives in service of the United Nations

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The Baton runs the 2014 Copenhagen Half Marathon

What an unforgettable run!….Kim Thygesen, Peter Møllebro and Alan carried the Baton between them, the Baton’s mission was to support our Danish Veterans and to promote a better understanding and much needed support for them – as in the case of our own forces and families they deserve no less than is rightfully owed them.

On a very warm day the three guys ran together stopping to hand the Baton to spectators, explaining its meaning and leaving Baton leaflets containing the Message in English and Danish, finally crossing the line with the Danish and Union national flags joined together.

Alan said that “all the spectators they spoke to were absolutely brilliant, supportive and very interested in the whole Baton concept, Copenhagen is a wonderful city, the Half Marathon course was perfect, as were the thousands of spectators lining the course, the Danish people, our allies, are something special”

Sincere thanks to Kim Thygesen for running round the course with his camera taking all but three of the photos.