The Honiton Round Table Six Man Bike Memorial Ride



November 12th 2010

The Honiton Round Table departed from Honiton on Friday 12th November with their six man bike (the Silver Dream Machine) and headed for the ferry crossing and start point in Holland of Sluis, they then cycled to Ypres on Saturday to attend, with the Baton, the Menin Gate ceremony; Ypres on Remembrance Sunday, Cycled on to Calais Sunday/Monday and returned to Honiton on the Monday.

“These guys have done so much for the local community and this will be one to remember for sure – I know I’ve ridden that bike with them!……

It seems fitting that this team being local to Honiton is making such an incredible effort to reach a place that is very much in harmony with the Baton’s ideals and the first event to be undertaken at the start of the 2nd year of the Baton’s existence, all of us in Honiton wish them a safe journey and know that they will be really good ambassadors for the Baton and their country”….. Alan

Please visit their website here.

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Crash Fails to Put Brakes on Baton Challenge Cycle Team!  Please click here for the Express & Echo Article

Photo courtesy of the Midweek Herald

Seven year old Thomas Savery takes A Baton to the Menin Gate…


20th August 2013

Menin Gate



Thomas Savery, seven year old son of Baton supporter Alec, stopped by the shop today to pick up a Baton to take to the Menin Gate ceremony, for one so young Thomas has a real grasp on the Baton’s message – please look at the Menin Gate link.

Again the Baton and its message of conscience in the hands of another child giving us all hope for the future…Thomas’s dad Alec is a former member of the Royal Marines and now runs Roof Tents Ltd with Nick Berry.

Alec and Nick have been tremendously supportive of the Baton’s cause with constructive ideas as well as physical help.  You can follow their Blog with the Baton here.

As I’ve said before, If we bring our children up to understand humane and compassionate support, structured around true understanding of military life, then we can change things for the better, not only for this but many other things that effect our lives.

Freedom didn’t come free and sadly will never be, our rights and liberty will always need defending, so we should take good and proper care of those willing to do just that…..Alan


Menin Gate 2

The image above has a special story from Thomas’ Dad – Alec:

“It was a very sad moment, I was trying to explain why the graves were sometimes unnamed in a manner suitable for a seven year old…..It was easier for him to relate to the fact that perhaps the brave soldier was injured and may have lost his tags……So, Thomas decided to show him his new one and said he was sorry that he had no name but grateful for his sacrifice (in only a way a child can).”