Embracing the issues..

For the majority of Forces children life can be an adventure where positivity, confidence and standards are gained through their parents’ service. But a few can encounter problems that should be recognised and approached in a structured way with understanding.

Since the Baton was founded in 2009 it has gradually given more and more funds to alleviate problems that directly effect Armed Forces Children, some heartbreaking, gradually we have drawn people to us who have the desire to make a difference and this page will always be ‘Work in progress’ as a resource and to support other charities and organisations who do the same.

We must embrace the issues of these fragile souls that often see all and say nothing, constantly soaking up much that surrounds them, many of us can arrive at the same point mentally through different circumstances, Armed Forces Children have a particular route that should be understood and comprehensively supported.


  • A parent not coping with partner away active service might turn to alcohol or worse drugs
  • Bullied simply for being a Forces child
  • Parents, siblings returning from active service a different person – Why? is it my fault?
  • Coping with Bereavement – the best Counselling needs to be in place
  • Forming relationship issues from being moved from school to school, making new friends not always easy.
  • Different homes in a short space of time
  • Susceptible to PTSD
  • Forces accommodation not always brilliant for children, if they aren’t settled it could have an adverse effect on the performance of serving parents
  • A Forces child becomes a carer through circumstances evolving from active service, Mental Health Issues, PTSD, Severe Injury etc


Effects on children and family through Military Service life

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