We care and will listen – head for the warmth and the light.

The Baton family believe in the power of having time to talk and simply felt heard, all too often this support is not easy to access.

We are a small charity working hard to make a difference, although not available 24/7  this does not mean you will be unheard or forgotten, you are important to us and we will get in touch if you make contact.

Our voluntary Counsellor is a highly qualified with many years’ experience and an understanding of life for military personnel and their families.

Her statement..

“For many years my interest has been in how our past affects us in the present and within relationships, life experiences can leave us with a mixture of emotions and challenges.

We may feel many things surrounding us, relationship breakdowns, family tension, own behavioural changes or child behavioural difficulties, abuse, lifestyle changes or many others and this can make it difficult to know where to start

I use an integrative approach which means you are treated as an individual, as are your needs. I aim to offer time where you will feel heard, supported and able to talk of whatever difficulty you choose to explore, I will not judge or direct you but will help you find your own insight that can enable you to take steps towards resolution”

A small UK charity that can’t have people 24/7 52 weeks of the year but we aim to try and be there to listen”

To contact our counsellor please email [email protected]