Founder’s Mission

For too many years I’ve listened and agreed with sound words and read heartfelt published letters – often by families suffering tremendous loss – on the subject of how the members of our armed forces and their families are treated. Within days, most of those words and letters evaporate into thin air or become tomorrow’s recycling. Most of us empathise, but few of us remember them and for us, life goes on the same.

For many of our Armed Forces and their loved ones, life will never be the same.

Consider the photograph below for a moment of one of the magnificent bronzes, part of the Armed Forces Memorial at our National Memorial Arboretum the parents, the wife and child and friends of the person on the stretcher are the ones affected for ever, please take the time to reflect on this and all that it means.

Sadly we seem to have a predictable reaction to matters that upset and concern us. We moan and complain then all dies down and it’s business as usual.

As with most matters that concern us all, the answer is always in our hands.  We are all the “they” in “they should do something” and done the right way we can do far more to change opinion on this and many other issues.

As a nation we have chosen to have armed forces.  That being the case, I believe we should comprehensively support them.

I gave myself two aims:

  1. To have a message that conveyed my feelings, non political and as neutral as could be.
  2. To find a method of delivering the message that had some kind of depth and which most of us could connect with… The Baton

We must regain and sustain our pride, passion and honour.

It was once said that the man who moves mountains, first starts with a handful of gravel……don’t you think it’s time we all got our hands dusty?

Alan Rowe MBE