The American Baton

American and UK forces, as with other allied forces, have fought side by side in the name of freedom for over 100 years, The Medical Emergency Response Team stretcher from Afghanistan, that the Batons were made from, would have carried Australian forces as well as other allied nations in action there often in a race for life.
The Baton is there to stand by our valued American allies and their families promoting the issues of armed forces life that are essential to ensure the due support owed them by right.
Together we will endeavour to make a difference in maintaining awareness for those who protect our freedoms.


The American Baton Custodian

Josh Ploetz is former USMC and lives in Minnesota, he became involved with the Baton in 2013 and will always be remembered for his incredible effort ‘Paddle Off The War early in 2014 when he canoed the length of the Mississippi carrying the American Baton, his objective was to highlight the plight of his comrades battling PTSD as he does. This he did very successfully, capturing the hearts of thousands along the river, drawing attention from major media organisations in the US and Europe

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