The Danish Baton

Danish forces are our valued allies serving throughout the world supporting the UK as well as United Nations duties, we have stood shoulder to shoulder together on many occasions and proud to be associated with them.

The MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) stretcher that the Baton’s were cut from would of carried Danish forces as well as other allies, therefore crossing all borders, as in the case of all allied forces and families they deserve no less than is rightfully owed them by their service to maintain the freedoms so many enjoy.



Maria Hansen – The Danish Custodian

Maria Hansen is the custodian of the Baton in Denmark and will be using it to promote the very best support and understanding possible for her country’s armed forces and their families.

Maria has already worked with Baton Founder Alan on new exciting projects for our valued allies in Denmark with the shared ethos of no CEO’s or ego’s, just a passion of humanity whilst supporting our armed forces and their families, together we are already cooperating with two major Danish charities and looking forward to a fabulous future together.

Maria most appropriately with the Danish Baton at the Danish Armed
Forces Memorial in the Kastellet, Copenhagen.

The inscription by the eternal flame translates to..
“One time,
One place,
One human being”

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