The Danish Baton

Kim Thygesen and Alan met in Washington DC where both ran the Marine Corps Marathon 2013  – after listening to Kim’s situation and him wanting to keep in touch Alan suggested that they ran the 2014 Copenhagen Half Marathon (World Championships) with a Baton, Peter Møllebro joined Kim and Alan and the three stopped to hand out the Baton’s Message translated to Danish as they ran. Later that June Kim was invited over to the UK by Alan to join the Baton Run team that runs each year 110 miles through the night in relay from RAF Brize Norton to the UK’s National Memorial Arboretum, where they lay the Baton’s wreath – the run format Kim took back and arranged the ‘Baton Run Denmark’ again running through the night 110 miles, from Slagelse – Copenhagen to finish at the Kastellet where the team laid a wreath and other items in memory of fallen comrades.

When Alan stayed at a small Veterans Home in Copenhagen for the Copenhagen Half Marathon he listened to veterans issues and feelings, at that time he was told there were 10 or more veterans sharing 5 beds when they needed to.  Alan became very emotional when one veteran said that they were building a new facility for drug rehabilitation not far away, was this home all they were worth?  Alan decided there and then that he would try and highlight issues such as this for our Danish allies.

A Baton was sent to Kim and was used by himself and many friends and comrades from 2014 – 2017 under the Baton Denmark name, now with that initial support from the Baton as a springboard, Kim and friends have started a new organisation of their own to carry their cause forward, the Baton returning to the UK.

Danish forces are our valued allies serving throughout the world supporting the UK as well as United Nations duties, we have stood shoulder to shoulder together on many occasions and proud to be associated with them.

The MERT stretcher that the Baton’s were cut from carried Danish forces as well as other allies, therefore crossing all borders to promote a better understanding and support – as in the case of our own forces and families, they deserve no less than is rightfully owed them by their service to maintain freedom…



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