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anne wilkinson 
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Marcus Ashley 
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Bob Gelder 

On behalf of Bude Branch, Royal Naval Association – just to let you know that we will be supporting Baz Gray in his attempt to set a new record for completion of the South West Coast Path (arriving Bude Summerleaze Beach at approx. 21.00 on Tuesday, 26th April).

Quite some guy by the sound of it – the Royals will lose a good man to civvy street later in the year!

Bob Gelder,
Hon. Secty, Bude R.N.A.

CW5 Phyllis J Wilson 

Participated in the Cateran Yomp in Scotland, 2015. The Baton was carried across the Highlands and witnessed the cathartic power of the baton! I am honored to have a Team of Wounded, Injured or ILL Service men/women and Family members heading to the Bataan Memorial Death March on March 20, 2016. We will carry the BATON and hope to post photos as we conquer the route!

John Morris 

I had the privilege of being with some your guys today at Loch Tay in Scotland. Helped with Highland Games organised by David Fox Pitt of Wild Fox Events…Josh and the USMC vets were awesome.

Adam Giles-Wilson 

I have always been amazed on how much Alan & Pauline put into The Baton, they take nothing from the charity not even to cover their costs (they should get their expenses back but despite my best endeavors to convince Alan to get these covered he refuses) another example of total selflessness from them both.
Having been on the receiving end of support; The Baton paid for some specialist neurological physiotherapy I needed following my ‘massive stroke’ (I am trying to regain movement in my left arm & hand). It has been some years since my stroke, I learnt how to walk, run (& then do a marathon with Alan), talk & swallow etc. I can fully appreciate how much so many people need help & how when we pull together we CAN achieve so very much by simply inputting a little bit here & there. Not originally set up as a money making organisation The Baton has become a symbol of not just “keeping the message alive”, about what so many people around the world are doing but shows quite clearly how much support is needed. So we must help the charity to be able to continually support others. It wouldn’t be alive itself if everyone didn’t do what they do so kindly. PLEASE keep supporting this charity AND THANK YOU ALAN & PAULINE.
Regards Adam

scott pierce 

was a pleasure meeting Alan out in Washington last month, i myself am an injured soldier and he had alot to say which helped me see life abit differently. keep up the good baton work, this is going to get big, quick.

Victoria Chittenden 

An Air Cadet, Sea Cadet and myself (An Army Cadet) got to carry/guard the Baton at the Youth Remembrance Parade in Exeter (01/11/14).

It was a real honour, so thanks again Alan.

Bill Franks 

This is a bit late but I would just like to say how proud that my wife Maggie and me were to have carried the Baton at this years Convoy 4 Heroes. We had never met Alan before but thanks to our good mate Alec Savery we finally got to meet the great man.
If anyone ever needed an inspiration to do anything all you have to do is spend a few minutes in his company.
Once again thank you for allowing us the privilege of carrying the Baton.

Bill & Maggie Franks

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